Synthroid Weight Loss

Using Synthroid for Weight Loss in Hyperthyroidism


Using Synthroid for weight loss in hyperthyroidism is a regular practice, and it has been observed that a right Synthroid dosage can help you in dropping off the unnecessary kilos. Basically, the condition of hypothyroidism is associated with an underactive thyroid gland and less amount of thyroid hormone in the body. Due to hypothyroidism, the patient tends to put on weight, even after exercising and working out. Since this is a medical condition, the right Synthroid dosage is required for controlling it. When the right Synthroid dosage gets working, it would regulate the levels of thyroid hormone in the body. Once the thyroid hormones are better, your weight would get regulated and you would lose any unnecessary kilos that you have gained due to hypothyroidism.

Determining Synthroid Dosage

The Synthroid dosage can be determined by taking a look at the condition of the patient. It is not hard to formulate a Synthroid dosage for a patient as it only requires the estimation of a few factors that are important in this condition. Basically, you would find that the right Synthroid dosage is required for keeping the TSH levels of the patient in the range of 0.3 to 3 mIUL. This is considered to be an optimum range for people with hypothyroidism, and the best treatment range. Apart from ensuring this level, you need to make sure that the other important factors are weighed in the decision of Synthroid dosage. Age is one major factor that determines the thyroid levels in the body. Other than that, weight of a person and cardiac health and condition are two important factors that would ensure the health of a patient. It is essential that proper Synthroid dosage is designed for patients as this is important for the best results in this condition.

Synthroid Effects

While the correct estimation of Synthroid dosage is the first step, keeping a check on the patient is the next. You need to get regular evaluations done by the doctor after the initial few Synthroid dosages. These evaluations would ensure that there is a correct estimation of the health of the patient and Synthroid effects on him. In case any side effects of Synthroid arise, you should contact your doctor immediately. Further, keeping a tab on Synthroid weight loss can help you in checking the success of the medicine.

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